Learning for Life provides education, training and personal development opportunities that promote choice, control and equality. We work with disabled people, and carers including lone parents, who are aged 18 plus and living within Swindon and Wiltshire.

Our aims:

We help individuals to achieve their goals by:
• Encouraging life long learning that is person centred and geared to the needs of the individual
• Supporting individuals into employment, voluntary work and job tasters
• Offering one to one counselling and advice for people who need emotional or additional support 

We believe in:
• Helping individuals find their own path/voice so they are able to live a more effective and fulfilling life.
• Empowering individuals to grow holistically whilst maintaining their safety and control over their own future.
• Challenging negative and repeated patterns and scripts to help prevent them becoming self fulfilling prophecies.
• Supporting individuals in reconnecting with their own feelings and inner strengths, and to advocate their own rights in the face of uncertainty and authority figures 

Who we work with:
• Disabled people - with mental health problems, emotional problems, learning difficulties and physical disabilities.
• Individuals who have experienced sexual abuse and domestic violence.
• Homeless people and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.
• Veterans and their families.
• Carers including lone parents.

How we work:

• By setting mutually agreed goals to move forward.
• By challenging negative and repeated patterns and scripts to help prevent them becoming self fulfilling prophecies.
• Through always using staff and tutors who are appropriately qualified and experienced in their subject area and in supporting people in our client group.

We abide by and follow the Disability Discrimination Act; anyone who has a substantial impairment that affects their day to day living can join. If in doubt, please ask.


From Tai Chi to IT!

Learning for Life provides many development opportunities for people who have a disability and carers aged over 18. These are available to those living within Swindon and Wiltshire.

They run during the academic year.

Contact the Learning for Life team if you would like more information or to enrol on one of our courses.

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Feel good about myself   Examples of our courses and areas of personal development are:
      • Communication Skills
      • Using Numbers in Everyday Life
      • Introduction to the Internet & Email
      • Life Skills, Stress Management & Relaxation
      • Tai Chi & Pain Relief
      • One to One Counselling
      • Improving your Personal Effectiveness
      • Learning to Relax with Arts & Crafts
      • Managing your Emotions
      • Improving your Relationships

...plus many more courses and voluntary/work placements & NVQs

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